Concrete Pouring, Breaking & Removal

Removal & Demolition of Concrete Brick & Asphalt Prep, pouring, and finishing of new concrete

QC Concrete Cutting offers asphalt, brick, concrete breaking, removal, Pouring, and finishing of new concrete to Calgary and surrounding area. We have been operating since 2004 in the Calgary area and have a lot of experience in removing and replacing masonry objects from commercial and residential property’s. Call 403-371-4840 today for a free estimate of your next demolition or pouring project. WCB, Safety, & Fully Insured.

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The calculator will estimate the number of tons of construction aggregates that will be required.

Please note: This calculator is intended for estimates only - for exact quanities please contact us.

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Patio & Driveway Breaking

Patio & Driveway Demolition and Replacement

We Have a variety of different ways to remove patios and driveways. Sometimes we will saw cut it into smaller slabs that we can pick up with the bobcat or dolly it away. Other times we break it up in to small chunks and scoop it up with the bobcat or wheelbarrow it away. A lot of the time a bobcat can not fit into backyards, we can hand break and haul away those concrete slabs as well. If you require new concrete poured to replace the old or a whole new project we can handle all your needs.

Complete Foundation Cutting

Complete Foundation Cutting, Breaking and Removal

Wither you want the entire foundation removed, walls cut out, doors and windows cut in, or any section of it cut and removed we have the proper tools to handle it. Many times homes are moved off the foundation and the existing foundation is saved we can preform concrete cuts all around the top of the foundation. This helps move the home safely and preserve the existing foundation for a new structure. We have lots of tools and experience cutting and removing existing foundations.

Road & Parking Lot Cutting & Removal

Sections Of Road & Parking Lots Cut and Removed

QC Concrete Cutting has walk behind slab saws to cut out damaged sections of roads and parking lots. Also we have the equipment to break the concrete or asphalt and haul it away.

Deteriorated or Damaged staircase and Sidewalk removals

Deteriorated or Damaged Staircase and Sidewalk Removals

Many damaged and old staircases and sidewalks eventually will require removal, we have bobcats and large concrete breaking equipment to handle these situations. If your looking to make a location look better or prepare for a sale of a property nice looking concrete stairs and sidewalks will make a big difference. Let us help improve your property value by removing the old unsightly concrete.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete Work

We do all types of different pours to fit our customers needs, shape nice design to a yard through decorative concrete work.


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